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The Quantum Leadership Project;

Assisting Conscious Corporate Evolution

Joe's Partial Client List:

Any time you get people together, transformation is possible...
Align their Vision, Passion & Purpose, and it's inevitable.

Team potential is unlimited and is one of our world's greatest assets.

Your people have an innate desire to deliver an even greater level of synergy.

We have the Tools, Expertise and Track Record to assist your team's full evolution.

"This is a group of senior executives that are running complex, multi-billion dollar businesses... Joe helped ensure that my management group left the retreat a more cohesive and motivated team" Arthur Higgins, Chairman, Bayer Healthcare

"I'd like to wholeheartedly thank you for the impressive training you organized for us. I was amazed how much we got accomplished in a mere four hours"

- Uwe Doerken, former Chairman & CEO, DHL Global

"We are becoming the “dream team” we envisioned. We are individually more responsible, we can truly count on each other, we are more and more aligned every day and we are clearer in every way"

Allison Watts, DDS, Watts Dental Practices


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